Thursday, December 10, 2009

Leonardo Nierman’s “Labyrinth of Dreams”

I know that many of us that move to South Padre Island mourn what we perceive as a loss of the availability of "art" and "culture". What I am continually reminded of when I receive updates from is the vast quantity of great events, exhibits and performances that take place within an hour or two of the Island. Unfortunately, I have yet found time to take advantage of much that is available, but the opportunity is there.

So today when I received this in my email inbox I thought I would share. It sounds like a fantastic art exhibit and it will be at the International Museum of Art and Science until April, 2010 so we have plenty of time to make the trek to McAllen.

The International Museum of Art & Science is pleased to introduce the upcoming exhibit, Labyrinth of Dreams by artist Leonardo Nierman on display at IMAS from December 10, 2009 to April 11, 2010. This exhibit will host a compilation of paintings, tapestries and several immaculate sculptures in a prominent collection of contemporary Mexican Art.
Celebrated artist and sculptor Leonardo Nierman grew a deep appreciation for painting in the 1950s after his short lived calling as a violinist in his early years.
"Labyrinth of Dreams represents a lifetime adventure I have experienced during my whole life trying to solve the puzzles represented by fantasies and memories of my dreams. I hope that every painting, sculpture and tapestry will become a window through which the viewer can penetrate and hopefully share my world and dreams,” states Leonardo Nierman.
This rhythmic collection of sculptures and paintings speaks volumes of Nierman’s musical passion. Nierman attributes his studies of the Psychology of Color and the Harmony of Form in Space as playing an instrumental role in shaping his artistic voice and interpretation.
“I feel that music is a perfect vehicle to liberate the soul from the anxieties of life, experiencing the joy of enjoying the memories, colors and sounds floating in the universe. The work of many artists deals with the conflicts of the human race in everyday life. I personally prefer that my art will stimulate the relation of man with the stars and with the poetic elements that may give us the appreciation of the great miracle of having being born,” states Leonardo Nierman.
Leonardo Nierman, by the late 1950s had set an impressive platform of exhibits both domestically and internationally at a time when the art of Mexico was undergoing a period of drastic change. Like many leading Mexican artists, Nierman consolidated his international reputation before receiving full recognition in Mexico.

The International Museum of Art & Science acknowledges Tele-mundo and the Mexican Consulate in McAllen for their invaluable support in helping increase cultural awareness of the work of renowned Mexican artists.

For more information, please call IMAS at (956) 682-1564

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