Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Leslie Presents....

For people on the Island and our visitors Leslie seems like an old friend. She makes everyone who attends her numerous performances feel like they belong and are true "Islanders". I know that the Coral Reef, two blocks to the south of Paragraphs is packed whenever Leslie is on the roster of entertainers. She also performs regularly at The Shrimp Haus, Boomerang Billy's and Louie's Backyard. This is one busy and much-loved lady.

So, I was thrilled when she contacted us about selling tickets to a concert she is planning. Leslie explained to me that she gives away three concerts every year, and agrees to appear at the place and for the charity designated by the winners.

Bonnie Schoultz was the local winner of one of these free concerts and Leslie will perform on Monday, January 31st, at the Commemorative Air Force Hanger in Brownsville. The doors will open at 2pm and the concert is scheduled to begin at 3pm. Proceeds will go to benefit the American Cancer Society.

This should be a special event. Leslie's show is billed as "Music of the Time-WWII" and will include music from the 40s, and 15 vintage aircraft, in flying condition, will provide the backdrop for this performance which is to be held inside the hanger.

The $8 admission ($10 at the door) will include a tour through the Commemorative Air Force museum, personal talks with our RGV Wing Members of the CAF, and a rare and unique up close look at these fascinating planes. There will be drawings for various prizes the most exciting of which is the chance to go up in one of these wonderful airplanes. The CAF will receive the proceeds from the beer, wine and set-up sales and you are welcome to BYOB.

The Rio Grande Valley Wing was founded in 1971 and is based at the Brownsville International Airport in Brownsville, TX. The hanger serves as the museum and primary restoration and maintenance facility. In addition to the aircraft, there are hundreds of artifacts on display and a variety of military vehicles.

Take advantage of this great opportunity to visit the museum, listen to some wonderful music, support the American Cancer Society, but most of all just get out and have a wonderful afternoon.


Leslie Blasing said...

Joni, I can't thank you enough for all that you do. You are such an asset to this Island and the Rio Grande Valley. You always go above and beyond to help this community. I hope that you get some traffic into your wonderful book store with the sales of the tickets to this event. I can't tell you how much I appreciate you and your love for this Island and the people that visit.
Leslie Blasing

Joni said...

Leslie, It is a pleasure to work with people that are all trying to accomplish the same thing, each in their own way, to make this island paradise a fun place to live, work and visit. You are certainly one of those and I was happy to help and really appreciate you including us. It makes us feel like we are really becoming the community hub that we want to be.