Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Readers' Favorite Texas Bookstores - Paragraphs is #3


Over the past few months the online Texas book site Lone Star Literary Life conducted a poll of readers across the state to determine their favorite ten bookstores in Texas.  Thanks to our many friends and neighbors Paragraphs is proud to have been selected as #3. This is quite an honor for us and we so appreciate all who took the time to vote or send emails in support of Paragraphs.

As you travel the state take the time to stop in and visit these other great community bookshops. You can learn more about them at this link.:

1. 40 Acre Wood - Lexington, TX
2. Barnes and Noble at Stonebriar Centre - Frisco, TX
3. Paragraphs on Padre Boulevard - South Padre Island, TX
4. Texas Star Trading Company - Abilene, TX
5. Barnes and Noble - Dallas, TX
6. BookPeople - Austin, TX
7. Recycled Books, Records and CDs - Denton, TX
8. River Oaks Bookstore - Houston, TX
9. Gladewater Books - Gladewater, TX
10. Barnes and Noble - Lubbock, TX

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