Saturday, December 6, 2008

Looking Back!

I started this blog a year ago on December 15 although it doesn't seem like that long ago.

In the first post I listed my reason for blogging as follows:
I want to share my experiences as I go through the process of building and opening an independent bookstore on South Padre Island. It will be a way of keeping family and friends informed about what I am up to and may be interesting to others who have the dream of opening a small business.

I also want to introduce myself to the SPI community and get a virtual dialogue started which can be continued in person once Paragraphs on Padre Boulevard opens next fall.
I'm not sure I completely accomplished all that I had hoped, but I have met some good people and have had a modest amount of interaction with my readers. I hope those faithful readers will stay with me as we enter the final phase of getting this bookstore open and operating.

Thank you to everyone who has been so kind over the past year and offered me so much wonderful advice and encouragement.


Sam said...

Looks like you're getting close and the prospect of getting a CO (certification of occupancy) is way cool. Things should go pretty quick now. Have a move-in date for your house and then the book racks and all?

Look forward to visit sometime, take care, and yes some of us do watch from afar!
-sam & lori

Joni said...

Sam and Lori,

Things are chaotic and nothing seems to go according to plan. Builders are finishing up with all the little details that no one thinks of when the words "we're about done" are spoken.

Movers brought load from NY, which I packed last summer. Mostly housewares, bed frames, some old tables & chairs, and boxes of books. Amazing how beat up those old pieces look when juxtaposed against new construction instead of a 200 yr old farmhouse. Nothing some steel wool, soap & water and some TLC & elbow grease shouldn't be able to fix--but it all takes time!

I have shelving on order and it may not be delivered until sometime in late January, at the earliest.

We'll see what happens and should know more after this week.