Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Meet the Author at Paragraphs
Saturday, December 7th- 2:30 to 4:00 p.m.
a memoir of survival and resistance.
By Marguerite Levy-Feibelman
Join us for an afternoon of intimate conversation with Marguerite Levy-Feibelman at Paragraphs on Padre Boulevard, South Padre Island. The program features converstion, readings of selected excerpts, a question and answer period, book signing with tea and coffee.  Marguerite is making her 4th visit to Paragraphs and is looking forward to share her story with you.

Marguerite, a strong-willed and idealistic French Jewish teenager immersed in the tradition of liberty, equality and fraternity, was determined to be treated like everyone else and live free and independent as her country was overtaken by Nazi soldiers. With the help and advice of a passeur and the Jewish Scout movement, she tweaks her parents’ and her own papers and the Levy family assumes the risks to live with false identities in the French Alps. There, they blend in with the population, do not bring attention to themselves, and try to live outwardly as normal a life as possible.  An anonymous phone call at the tobacconist’s: “Can you come into the mountains and do some typing for two or three days? We’ll take good care of you!” is the start of Marguerite’s activities in the Resistance.
Whisper Your Name into My Ear shows the French Alsatian Albert Levy family from their beginnings in Alsace, then Mannheim (Germany), to Paris, into the Exodus and beyond, throughout the War. The memoir weaves a vivid tapestry of World War II in France, highlighting the contradictions, the split loyalties of the population and the opportunities arising out of the difficulties of living under hostile authorities.
Teachers and students will find this event especially interesting as Marguerite embodies this period of history.
This is free and open to the public.

Paragraphs On Padre Boulevard, 5505 Padre Blvd. South Padre Island, TX
For information call us at 956-433-5057 or

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