Saturday, February 9, 2008

Green Corners Project - Thank You All

I think all these folks deserve a big round of applause from all of us who love this Island. The corner landscaping adds a lovely touch of green all along Padre Boulevard and helps make these commercial properties more attractive. Thank you to all the sponsors and hard working volunteers.

SPIRIT and The SPI Chamber of Commerce announcement:

Padre Blvd. Corners Project

Continues to Grow!

Thank you to everyone who helped make South Padre Island greener!

On Saturday, February 8, 2008, six corners were planted and maintenance was

performed on the twelve corners completed in November 2007.

Additional corners will be planted in April 2008.

To become a sponsor contact the SPI Chamber of Commerce at 956-761-4412.

Corner Sponsors

Alita Bagley, SE Corner of Huisache

Sandra Coulter, NE Corner of Cora Lee

Sierra Title Company, NW Corner of Mesquite

Just Call John, LLC, SW Corner of Huisache

Annabel Givens, SE Corner of Gardenia

San Jacinto Title Services, NW Corner of Hibiscus

Volunteer Labor

Hugh Bresett, Annabel Givens, Paula Bresett, Liz Glascock, Jackie Diermeier, Roxanne Guenzel, Jim Diermeier, Rena Hefflon, Naydene Ford, Darrell Mangham, Kirk Franklin, Murray Nelson,Trey Franklin, Kevin Tenison, John Gieseking

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