Thursday, February 21, 2008

Hillary and Barack Fight it Out in Texas

We really do have choices to make in the presidential primaries this year and candidates for the Democrat party have brought their fight to Texas. | Texas Office Locations - Online Headquarters - Texas

I wish I could vote in the primary here - but I'll just have to be ready for the November elections. I have my voter registration card sitting right here on my desk ready to be completed and turned in!

The exciting part is that I will be in Denver for the convention and it should be a thrilling couple of days for a news and political junkie.

If anyone has attended any of the RGV rallies, I'd love to hear your comments or impressions.


Unknown said...

I watched the debate tonight with my husband at the Obama campaign office in Brownsville. Good, lively crowd. I like that Clinton mentioned UTB-TSC and its fight against the border wall to keep the campus on the U.S. side.

I've seen Obama do better, but Clinton threw some cheap shots (although Obama slipped in the Halliburton comment).

On another note, was this the first time a Spanish-language station took part in a presidential debate? I believe so. Times are a changin'.

Joni said...

Melissa, I watched the debate from my La Quinta room and like you, was pleased to see UTB-USC mentioned. As a side note, I follow the SPI forum and the local Island press and there doesn't seem to be much interest in national or even state level politics.

When we cross the causeway do we leave the world behind? TX has an important role to play in this national primary. Come on Islanders!!

Unknown said...

I had friends that attempted to watch the debate at a Brownsville restaurant, but the owners there said they couldn't use the sound on the TV, because it conflicted with the Spurs game.

Apathy exists everywhere. However, we've seen record turnouts for early voters and according to the Cameron County election's office, an estimated 5,000 increase in registered voters.

Good good news for this area.