Sunday, February 3, 2008

Variance Hearing

Tuesday, February 5, we are scheduled to appear before the Board of Adjustments and Appeals. This is to review our request for a variance, by which we are asking that the requirement for a commercial sprinkler fire system and a residential fire sprinkler be waived.

The way I understand it, if I was only building for retail use, there would be no fire sprinkler required because of the limited square footage involved. Similarly, it is not necessary for a single family home to install a fire sprinkler system. But now, when they are combined in a mixed use building both a residential and commercial fire sprinkler system seem to be required. This will add around $35,000 to the cost of construction. Hopefully, we can convince them that it really is an excessive requirement.

The building is to be constructed mostly from non-combustible materials and the retail building and residence are separated by a courtyard and a 2-hour firewall and door. Furthermore, the residence is to be used as a single family dwelling - this is not a condo/business mixed use project, which it seems the code is addressing.

So, I will have the opportunity to meet some more islanders and promote Paragraphs. I just hope they see things our way!!


Sam said...

Hi Joni, Sam Wells here - the weird guy that sometimes posts on SPI Forum (sorry, a few beer-inspired ones over there). I really like your blog and decided to post.

First, best of luck on the construction and variance on the fire system. Second, we will really enjoy a bookstore here and I'm thinking "gee, I wonder if they'll have little discounts for repeat buyers?"

Oh I saw you had a link to me and one of my best friends, Sandy Feet. Wow, you really have done your "market research." Just kidding, but let us know if you need any help, maybe a sand castle and some music for your grand opening? Some catering from Zeste and Miss Chefette Nanette?

Best regards,

Lucinda said...

Like Sam said :)

My house/business-warming present to you is a tabletop logo castle, so make sure you plan in a good spot for it! -sf

Anonymous said...

Thanks, You guys know how to make a girl feel wanted! No, really, thanks for the comments.