Tuesday, February 26, 2008

ALASA Academy

I am lucky enough to have three worlds that I seem to live in simultaneously. Sodus Bay, on the southern edge of Lake Ontario became home some 15 years ago when Griff and I were married. Colorado, on the other hand, will always be my "Tara". And now, although at times it still seems like a dream, South Padre Island is where I plan to hang my hat.

Although I haven't been there much lately, Alasa Farms holds a special place in my heart. Nancy Mangan, my lovely mother-in-law who owns Alasa Farms, and my husband, Griff, have a deep commitment to the community and to education.

Offering the farm facilities to targeted non-profit organizations, for use in their activities, has turned out to be a great opportunity for all involved. The ALASA Academy is a continuation of a program which originated in the 1980's to provide a summer educational experience for all ages. Now under the able direction of Sharon Maher it holds the promise of offering an alternative approach to learning for students struggling in the conventional classroom.

ALASA Academy
Alternative Learning Academy for Student Achievement

Alasa Academy � where kids count
ALASA (Alternative Learning Academy for Student Achievement) Academy
Summer Children�s Workshops 2008 �
located at the historic Alasa Farms
6540 Shaker Road, off Route 14, Sodus (Alton) �
The week-long day workshops are for children ages 6-16 �
Sessions are July 7-11; July 14-18; and July 28-Aug 1 from 8 a.m.-3 p.m.
(Longer day offered this year)

This outdoor experience will include: stream walks, outdoor science experiments; animal care; journal writing; problem-solving challenges; presenters; hiking and camping activities; and much more.

For more information and/or registration forms, please contact: Sharon Maher at(315)-573-1470 or smaher45@aol.com or Maryanne Whyte at (315)-573-0036 or Maryannewhyte@yahoo.com

Check out our new web site, coming Spring 2008 ALASA-Academy.org

** Examples of a daily schedule and activities include:

11 a.m. Workshop Examples**:
Monday � Math in Nature
Tuesday � History of the Area
Wednesday � Science Experiments
Thursday � Art in the Outdoors
Friday � Cooking in Nature

11a.m. - 2 p.m. Workshop Examples**:
Mon.�Fitness/Hiking/Animal Care
Tues.�Literary Focus/Compass Skills
Wed.�Team-building/Challenge games
Thurs.�Animal/Fossil Identification
Fri.�Personal growth/Closing ceremony

** Different content and activities for each workshop.

Thanks to Sharon Maher and the Sodus Chamber of Commerce


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